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Jonathan Anderson


I’m a mechanical engineer who likes to design and build things that work.


I've always been interested in building things. When I was a kid, LEGO's, K'Nex, and other modular construction toys were always close at hand. This love for hardware eventually led me to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. After college, I got a mechanical engineering job at a company called IXV Labs that made a suite of products for a solar microinverter system. While at IXV, I had the unique opportunity to design the complete set of mechanics for three separate products. I then got to take these designs and shepherd them through the manufacturing process. This was a difficult, but ultimately rewarding learning process as I was able to see my designs evolve from renderings in SolidWorks to actual hardware I could hold in my hand. In addition to work, I also actively tinker with Arduinos to see what crazy stuff I can make. To fabricate my after-hour designs, I currently own a TAZ 5 3D Printer, a custom built 2.5W laser cutter, a LTP5000D plasma cutter, a Hobart 140A MIG welder, an angle grinder, an extensive set of hand tools, and a monstrous custom-built PC.