ALPHA Enclosure

ALPHA is the display unit for the IXV Labs solar power system. The enclosure is a completely screwless design that relies on the deformation of cantilever snaps for assembly.

ALPHA, as designed in SolidWorks

ALPHA, as fabricated

ALPHA Enclosure with Desk Base

3D printed prototype

The enclosure is made from ABS Chimei PA-765A which is a cost effective, UL94 V-0 engineering plastic. Prototype enclosures were 3D printed with a uPrint SE+ to evaluate form, fit, and function. I worked with an injection molding specialist at ICOMold during the DFM process to slightly alter the design to accommodate tooling.

ALPHA disassembled to show black LSR gasket

A LSR gasket between the display and the plastic case mechanically protects the LCD screen from vibration during shipping and during touchscreen usage.

The ALPHA unit can be mounted in one of two ways:

  1. Wall mount using two #6 x 1-1/4” wall anchors
  2. Sliding into an injection molded Desk Base

Wall Mount with 24 VAC coming in through the back of the unit

Desk Base Mount

The unit connects to the internet via Wifi or LAN to provide real time power output info from a solar array.

ALPHA wall mounted with LCD touchscreen on