GAMMA Display Fixture

GAMMA Display, as designed in SolidWorks

The GAMMA display is a fixture that shows the connection of two GAMMA microinverter modules in series. The GAMMA modules are mounted to two 60 cell, 280W bifacial panels. These panels are mounted to a frame I designed and fabricated.

GAMMA Display, as fabricated

The fabrication process involved plasma cutting A36 flat steel bar, removing slag with an angle grinder, and MIG welding the frame together. The final step was painting the frame with a black matte, durable paint for rust prevention and aesthetic completeness. I also added heavy duty 5” casters for mobility around the office and at trade shows.

My Hobart 140A welder that was used on this project

This was my first major welding project with my Hobart 140A welder, and I am pleased with the results.