BETA Enclosure

BETA is a smart power meter meant to be used in conjunction with GAMMA microinverters to provide monitoring and surge protection. The intended service lifetime is 25 years at ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.

BETA, as designed in SolidWorks

BETA, as fabricated

The BETA enclosure is made from Geloy HRA222F, a blend of ASA and PC. This material was selected to provide the maximum protection from UV radiation while still comply with UL94 V-0 flammability requirements.

HT800 Closed Cell Silicone Foam Gasket

BETA has undergone and passed IP66 waterproof testing and IK07 impact testing at UL under the 61010 standard. The BETA uses a conformable foam HT-800 gasket at 50% compression to seal the periphery. I performed an FEA analysis on the cover in SolidWorks to ensure that cover bending did not compromise this seal.

Finite Element Analysis performed on BETA cover. Max stress: 19 MPa. Max Displacement: 0.68mm

The key features which make BETA unique from other similar enclosures are the 3 conduit interface bosses on the sides of the enclosure. These extrusions can directly attach to PVC conduit couplers, allowing for easy installation with Sch80, EMT, or rigid metal conduit. The bosses are also designed so that the waterproofing happens at the cable gland instead of at the conduit interface. This allows the seal to be ensured in the factory instead of in the field.

Conduit Interface Demo